I am a citizen of the world. I was born in the US and spent my growing years in the sun-kissed tropics of Panama. I since then moved to the UK, having lived here for the last 15 years, assimilating British tastes and European flair to build on to my Central American passions. These heritage and further examinations of ancient Central American pottery and textile art, have been a constant source of inspiration in my studies. 

Modern and cultural are my visions of design. I capture the essence of the rich traditions of Central American ethnic art into structured modern lines and patterns, all realized through computer-aided designs. 

I am trained in surface pattern and textile design, and specializes in CAD using Illustrator design and the integration of hand drawn textures in Photoshop. My design vision and methods have been commended in various design competitions, and have been applied in the retail fashion industry through internships. 

For my graduate collection, I drew inspirations specifically from my family's collection of ancient Central American pottery. I took elements from the pot designs and through CAD, weaved them into cutting edge prints for fashion that brings my memories of Panama to life.